nerdy, but subtle ✨

Player Yu is a lifestyle brand that celebrates a love of gaming culture. Founded by first-generation immigrant sisters Shavonne and Timmi Yu, we aim to bring a touch of playfulness to everyday life through unique and functional products that appeal to gamers and design enthusiasts.

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giving back 💗

5% of our profits made in 2024 will be donated at the end of the year to Get Well Gamers Canada, a registered Canadian non-profit. They provide gaming consoles and games to children's hospitals! Updates will be posted here.

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What happened to your Etsy shop? Curious about our Etsy reviews?

We decided to move all products from Etsy to this Shopify because Etsy had many restrictions and fees. You can also view all of Etsy reviews/customer testimonies here. We have over 700+ sales and 15+ 5 star reviews! We've also boothed at many conventions including MiniComi, AniRevo, Akimatsuri, and have sold brick and mortar at Makers Park Royal in the past.

Where can I get access to a lasercut machine?

Your local library or college is likely to have one! If not, there are makerspaces or sign shops that have lasercutting services. You can also order these designs cut on (not affiliated).

Do you take commissions?

Commissions are accepted based on our availability and interest in the project. You can email us at (responses are not guaranteed).

I'm a business, can I buy wholesale?

Please contact us at for more information.